Pregnant women

From the 2nd quarter, osteopathy fits perfectly in the monitoring of pregnancy in order to promote a better adaptation of the body to the many changes brought:

  • back pain (neck pain, thoracic pain, low back pain, coccyx pain, sciatica)
  • digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting, postprandial heaviness, bloating, constipation)
  • circulatory problems (heavy legs, headaches)
  • childbirth preparation, ensure good mobility of the pelvis (bones structures, tissues and organic)

The practitioner uses gentle techniques adapted to the pregnant woman that are safe for the unborn baby, and that aim to improve the delivery conditions.

Childbirth past, the young mother has undergone many stress that can promote the onset of pain:

  • anesthesia (epidural or spinal) that disrupts the biomechanics of the spine
  • surgery leaving scars that can disrupt the functioning of tissues
  • the sudden posture change (weight distribution and effort)
  • hormonal changes (injection of oxytocin, return of menstruation)
  • fatigue

The practitioner will help the young mother to find a contractor balance the entire body and giving her advice.