Osteopathic monitoring of the newborns, in addition to medical care allows parents to ensure the well-being and healthy development of their baby.

The Osteopathic Manual Practitioner will be able to act on:

  • sleep disturbance (difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking, ...)
  • screaming, crying, screaming
  • digestive disorder and stomach ache (functional regurgitation, infant colic)
  • suction issue, swallowing, difficulty to breastfeed
  • hyper-excitability, agitation
  • skull deformity which persists after birth
  • delivery using tools (forceps, suction cups)
  • respiratory disorders
  • functional disorder of sight
  • disharmonious development
  • asymmetry development of movements (head which runs on one side), ''Flat head''
  • plagiocephaly and torticolis
  • disorders caused by vaccines (behavioral changes, fatigue, eczema or psoriasis, agitation or hyper-excitability, lack of appetite)
  • newborns who tend arched position on their skull, which seeks support on top of their head

By gentle gestures, the Osteopathic Manual Practitioner will act on tissues (muscles, fascia), organ function and can guide, advise parents to allow the development of their newborns.